Let's chess


Let's chess



With the development of modern technology, children have tended to prefer personal and individual activities, such as PSP, NDS and smart phone, but rarely interact with peers. The concept of “Let's chess” is to combine the furniture with the game so that the solemn game of chess can become more fun and enjoyable.


When the seesaw is swinging, the chess plate slides from one side to another side. A child can make a chess move while the board is on the low side, and then the board moves to the other side, so that children interact with each other spontaneously. Also, “Let's chess” trains children’s physical strength and the balance of hands, eyes and brains. In addition it provides a better leisure activity which is equally good for the intellect and physical development.


In order to encourage the children to interact with each other, the design combines the furniture with the game which takes into consideration that safety and functionality can be placed in various conditions hoping to change the culture of smartphone addicts. It promotes the foundation of healthy exercise and thinking flexibly.