Irch - Smart home


IRCH - Intelegent Refrigerator Control Hub



It is a device combines the fridge and shopping which simplify the shopping system. it aim at people who live a busy urban life style, but have no time to buy food or cannot remember expiry dates, such as office workers, students, commuters and small families. However, the product is also suitable for elderly people and disabled people. It allows them to re-buy the stuff by oral command without transport to physical shops. With Irch, the quick and easy way to shop, just say what you want and Irch adds it directly to your basket and sends it to you, then the detailed information of your food will be imported to Irch automatically. So, Irch records all the shopping history and information of foods. It will remind you when the food may run out or close to expiry date. Also, you can manage your shopping information, including personal details, shipping information, favourite shops, routine shopping list. 


Therefore, you do not have to shop in a physical shops and wait in line anymore; you do not have to take heavy shopping bags on your way home; you can buy food frequently and enjoy fresher food. And most importantly, you never forget what you have in your refrigerator.


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