Upright lunchbox


Upright lunchbox



With the advocacy of having healthier lifestyle and valuing the quality of life in the time of rising prices, people care about what they eat, but also look for low cost which lead to lunchboxes becoming more popular, especially for students and commuters. However, a normal size backpack cannot contain an upright lunch box without leakage of necessities.


With this slim lunchbox, never worry about your homemade lunch fitting in your bag. The box could hold various foods, but still fit perfectly into your backpack for work. It's easy to clean and never leaks as long as it is tall.


This box is made up of several dividers which provide ideal space for smart portions. No matter whether rice,noodles,various meat and vegetable dishes, and even sandwiches, you can decide the layout of your lunch or control how many portions by dividers depends on your lunch. There are more than 12 kinds of layout.


The two containers with sealed inner lids are detachable; the protruding dots on the lids provide friction to prevent the containers sliding away. Another sealed lid on top comes with grooves for housing cutlery which is detachable as well. You can decide to carry spoon, fork, chopsticks or none of them. And the sandwich divider with rubber on the top and bottom connects to the lid and the bottom of the lunchbox providing friction which allows the divider and the sandwich to stay upright and without collapse.