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Sunfar - 20 for future

Sunfar - 20 for future



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CLIENT PARTNERSHIP / Sunfar 3C                                                                                                   COPY & STRATEGY LEAD / Gidea Group




Change the world with consumption!
"Planting love, delivering love, giving back love"
This is the goal of Sunfar 3C, but also the most important concept.

Sunfar transformed into "public-welfare enterprises" since 2010. They promised to donate 20% of profit engaging in public welfare that support consumers to do charitable event with less than a dime. Sunfar believes through "participating in public welfare activities while shopping" that it is a significance for each spending to be made through the mechanism. Allow every consumer creates happiness and delivers his/her care.

Each spending, Sunfar will donate 20% profit for the tuition fee of disadvantaged children which provides a great help for children's future development. As more and more consumers agree and support such philanthropic ideas, actual behavior bringing positive contribution to our society. We can gather the power of consumer through the idea and encourage more enterprises to follow up social care so as to bring about contributions and changes the community. In addition to help the people, it can change the world and make it better!

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