Dipping vases


Dipping vases



From the aspect of a single material and manufacturing process, both of them can inspire and deliver design solutions and artefacts. Through dip moulding process and testing many materials, there came out with a series of vases which integrate the advantage of the material — latex rubber and the beauty of using dip moulding process appropriately.


Dip moulding is a great process for adding corrosion protection, increasing friction or grip, or simply adding aesthetics and protection to almost any metal. In the case, it is much more cost effective and easier for quality control if one does a one step dip to mould the vases after framing the metal structures. It forms a waterproof cover for a vase as a container to reach the function of watering.


Through exploring material, inspired by gardening grids and ancient Japanese flower arrangement —Ikebana—, creating a series of vases is supposed to be done using latex covers and see-through grids which mean fullness and emptiness to allow the viewer to observe and meditate on the beauty of nature and gain inner peace.